We’ve teamed up with the world’s finest roasters Illy coffee to offer our guests a coffee experience they will never forget.

From a strong expresso to a creamy latte – each of our coffees is made with the unique illy 100% Arabica blend. 

illycaffè is an Italian family business, founded in Trieste in 1933. They are committed to offering the greatest coffee to every customer. illy is one of the world’s biggest coffee brands, producing their signature Arabica blend made of 9 of the finest selections of beans. It includes the famous chocolate notes of Brazilian coffee too. In fact, ⅓ of the world’s production takes place in Brazil, thanks to the favourable tropical climate.

Each day more than 8 million cups of illy coffee are being served in over 140 countries in the finest cafés, hotels and restaurants just like Preto, as well as in the homes of coffee lovers worldwide. illy has become the standard forerunner of espresso, and thanks to its innovative approach, is considered the leader in the science and technology of coffee. 


With the bestowing of the first “Ernesto Illy Award for Quality Espresso Coffee” in 1991 in Brazil, illy also pioneered direct sourcing, sharing know-how and paying a premium price for the best quality, based on partnerships underwritten by the principles of sustainable development. The company also founded its University of Coffee to foster and spread its fascinating culture. It provides comprehensive training for coffee growers and baristas, covering every aspect of the product.


We’re proud to be serving illy at all of our venues – especially since their coffee blend perfectly complements our range of desserts.

Try it yourself when you visit us next time!

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